Book Fair and Read Across America 3/6-10

Book Fair and Read Across America 3/6-10
Posted on 03/01/2023
Reading is for Everyone


March 6-10: Book Fair Open

Set up an eWallet, preview the books, or shop online on the book fair homepage. All purchases support our school library.


Monday:  Let's celebrate that reading is relaxing. 

Dress in your jammies to get cozy when you read today. 

Tuesday: Let’s celebrate our favorite books. 

Dress in a favorite shirt and bring a favorite book to share. 

Wednesday:  Let's celebrate being a community of readers that SOARs.

Dress in our school colors and get ready to cheer on all readers.

Thursday: Let's celebrate that reading is fun. 

Dress wacky and share a funny book or joke.

Book Fair Family Night: 5:30-7pm

Friday:  Let’s celebrate that reading makes everyone bright!

Raven Feather Celebration: Dress up in neon and shades!